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The Muck

Coming in 2023 from World Castle Publishing!!!


The Muck

When the Brandon Stivers, and his family move into his grandmother’s river house for the summer, he is quickly drawn to the swampy, muddy area at the river’s edge that everyone calls “the muck”. Autistic, he is vulnerable to their promises, and soon finds himself in the clutches of the evil that resides there.

When he meets a girl from the neighborhood, Amy, things escalate quickly, and Brandon finds himself in over his head. When Amy begs him to help her sacrifice a neighbor to the muck in exchange for a cure for her mother's cancer, he knows there is no going back. Now, the only question is how far will he go?

Work in Production

Family Tree

When Blake Giles witnesses a tense confrontation between his boss, the Sherriff of Akedo, Alabama and a member of the hated Whitestone family, he begins to ask questions that people don't want answered. He soon discovers that the feud between the two families is older and much deadlier than he could have ever imagined, and that it is centered around a strange tree on the Whitestone property that bears the markings that resemble a human face. Uncovering a dark secret, Blake must now solve the mystery in order to save the life of an innocent child, James Whitestone's newborn daughter.

Children of a Despicable Fate

Do we make our own fate, or are we destined to the future the universe doles out to us? This collection of short stories depicting the darker side of childhood will make you think your own misspent youth was normal. Enjoy A dozen haunting tales of childhood's end and a peek into everything that could go wrong when life develops challenges at an early age, even if it takes years to surface.

Whether it is youngsters left to their own devices, or those who carried their scars into adulthood, innocence eventually ends for all of us. How and when it ends is a different matter altogether.

Three Nights at the Jupiter

Centering on three days in early June, when the small town of Friendly, Alabama prepares for its annual macabre ritual, officer Truman Malone finds himself in the middle of a complex mystery that he doesn't want to solve.  Every June 3rd the entire town sequesters in their home to avoid a mysterious creature who feeds on members of the community. When Truman begins to investigate who or what it is, his life begins to unravel.  Is the killer the eccentric owner of the Jupiter Hotel, where he lives? An old reclusive woman that some claim hails from Romania? Could it be the woman that he loves? His boss, the chief of police? The mayor? The only thing he's sure of is that it could be anybody.

The Last Elemental

After Amery Coalfield wins the bid to remove an abandoned bank vault from a vacant lot in downtown Johnson's Hollow, he draws the ire of the town's elder generation. When an old woman warns him of a spirit trapped within the vault, he dismisses her as crazy- a theory confirmed by her niece- but the seeds of wonder soon grow. Determined to find out what has been hidden in plain sight for fifty years, he decides to open the vault. When he does, he releases an entity on the town that is hell bent on avenging the death of her band of elementals- earth spirits that only wanted to live in peace. Drawn to the beautiful, but deadly winged woman, Amery must now decide whose side he's really on.

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