The Man With no Eyes

Coming March 2022

In conjunction with Moonshive Cove Press we are thrilled to announce our latest novel.

Doctor Andrew Harkins had an idyllic life, but the Facility took everything from him, including his eyes. What they couldn’t take was his unique ability to control every function of his body, from his heartbeat to his hearing acuity. Now he must use this ability and his genius intellect to find a way to destroy them. After befriending Malika, a Yemini woman fighting a losing battle for the male-only position of village elder, they must traverse the Yemini-Saudi border region, escape gun runners, fight agents of the Facility, and elude the U.S. Military in one of the most unforgiving places on earth to even get a chance for revenge.

The journey tests their minds, their bodies, and their hearts as both try to move beyond their pasts and learn to trust each other. Drawing closer under intense heat and pressure, they dare to fall in love, but know that if there is any hope of a future, they have to defeat Alain Savon, director of the Facility. But of all the perils they face, none are as constant or dangerous as the merciless desert that stands between them and the Facility.

This is my personal mock up for the cover, actual cover may change

From World Castle Publishing
         in 2022: Peripheral

When Camille Powers hits her head in a seemingly harmless fall, she finds herself in a world between life and death known as the Peripheral. Aided by the spirit of a young girl she had seen all her life, Camille learns that she had been dragged into the Peripheral by a demon that wants to posses her body. Now, she must fight to survive this strange world, and get her body back before it dies, trapping her in the Peripheral forever.



coming soon

Family Tree

supernatural mystery/thriller

When Blake Giles witnesses a tense interaction between the Sherriff and a member of the hated Whitestone family, he begins to dig into the sordid past of both men. He quickly uncovers a dark past that surrounds a massive 300 year old tree whose bark carries the markings that resemble a human face. As the secrets come to light, Blake realizes that the feud between the families is older and more deadly than he could have ever imagined.

The Muck


paranormal suspense/thriller

When the Brandon Stivers and his family moves into his paternal grandmother's river house for the summer, things go awry quickly. Socially awkward because of his inability to speak, Brandon is an easy target for the false promises of the manevolent spirits in the in the shallow waters outside his home. Brandon finds himself caught up in a diabolical plot, to help a neighborhood girl, Amy, save her mother from cancer. To save one life, another must be sacrificed. When the plan fails, giving Brandon his voice instead, Amy devises another plan. Brandon soon becomes the pawn in a plot to sacrifice his own mother to the muck, but will the spirits accept the sacrifice, or do they want someone else?