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And The Sun Also Rises

One of the timeless messages from Hemingway's classic tale "The Sun Also Rises", is that of endurance. No matter what happens, the sun sets, and the sun also rises. It is the eternal symbol of hope and promise, if we endure days of tragedy and failure, we are rewarded with a new day; a new sunrise.

So far this year, I have endured fifty-three rejections. That's a lot of NO's. I am actively submissions roughly twenty or so pieces to various journals and magazines, publishers, and places. Some pieces are hard sells, a bit too quirky or off beat for many journals. Some submissions were ambitious, submitted to prestigious journals that are notorious hard sells. No rejection is welcome, but it is part of the process. To create something and have someone reject it isn't for the faint of heart.

So what's a writer to do? Persevere or give up. There are only two options, and I'm not giving up.

On Friday, the sun rose on another day, but it was a good day. I had a rather long piece accepted that had been rejected by eleven different journals. It was a story that I really liked and believed in, and it will appear in the Ginosko Literary Journal this winter. Links forthcoming.

Also on Friday, I submitted my final approval for the cover of Peripheral, my paranormal suspense novel which will be published in 2022. Visit the site for a short synopsis and cover reveal.

I also completed an author interview for The Chamber Magazine, which will feature my story Last Chance Cabin. I will post the complete interview on the site when it is published, or you can check out the story and interview in The Chamber Magazine.

I am also preparing for an author interview for The Writing Wall, a twitter podcast that will appear in October. I will post links for that one when it happens.

Things are moving in the right direction, but not without setbacks. But that's okay. Tomorrow will be a new day and a new chance. Persistence is the key to success, whatever form it takes. Remember, if today did not end the way you wanted it to, the sun will also rise tomorrow and you get another chance. Make the most of it.

Good luck,


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